Hydraulic Inspection

Did you know?

Underperforming hydraulic systems with higher operating temperatures and accelerated oil degradation adversely impacts productivity and increase unplanned maintenance costs by up to 40%.
Conducting regular hydraulic inspections will allow your plant to identify inadequate filtration systems, undersized pumping equipment, incorrect bypass sizes, and poor control systems.
Zudak Solutions professionals are field trained to recognize the highest value opportunities and work with your team to make the world work!

Our Approach

Our world-class field engineers and technicians work side-by-side with your team to integrate our approach with your enterprise operations in a seamless manner. We customize our approach to fit the needs of your operation while developing a plan that meets your target goals.

Each service selected for execution will be reviewed with your site team to ensure it encumbers all pertinent stakeholders, deliverables, and timelines. Our approach to any project includes the following 3 basic steps:

Step 1: Identify

We focus on defining the scope of work, identifying the specific area(s) and equipment to be reviewed. Moreover, we conduct an initial data review to validate opportunity areas.

Step 2: Inspect

We work in conjunction with your team to gather all relevant data (i.e. bearing model, speed, RPM, operating conditions, etc) to complete calculations, validate results and capture recommendations in the engineering benefit report.

Step 3: Implement

We present and review the engineering benefit report with your team, highlighting improvement opportunities, economic benefit, and actionable recommendations.

The Results

A comprehensive engineering benefit report listing all identified leaks and ranking them according to oil expenditure contribution, hence, allowing you to deploy your resources to repair the 25% of the leaks that are causing you 70% of the oil losses. It is what we called the highest value targeted approach to maintenance.
To learn how Zudak Solutions can help your maintenance program move from reactive to proactive capturing unplanned maintenance dollars, contact us today!

How can we help you?

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