Why is personnel technical training important?

Training is the cornerstone of condition monitoring and successful predictive maintenance programs. A well-trained workforce acts as the primary barrier to eliminating unplanned downtime. Our training educate employees about new skills and/or provide updates on existing skills to enhance productivity.

We offer a variety of technical training to enable your workforce and enterprise to achieve their full potential!

The Value of Technical Training

Our training are designed to maximize knowledge transfer from the classroom into the field. Our instructors are industry leaders and deliver years of field expertise into dynamic courses where participants are challenged through real-world case studies and class exercises to convert theory into practical knowledge. Each course offered focuses on:

  • Understanding foundational principles and terminology
  • Taking a practical approach to learning by reviewing real-world scenarios
  • Providing heuristics aka “mental shortcuts” that can facilitate problem-solving and probability judgments.

Knowledge Transfer Empowered

Enhancing field personnel technical proficiency is at the core of Zudak Solutions values. We are passionate about teaching relevant skills to your workforce as we believe your workers are your greatest asset. We team up with you to ensure our training are relevant to your enterprise and culture!

Empowering Your Workforce

Contact us today to learn how we can boost your personnel technical proficiency. Below is a list of our popular courses:

– Lubrication Fundamentals

– Oil Analysis Fundamentals

– Lubricant Management & Contamination Control

– Lubrication Systems Fundamentals

– Customized Lubrication Training

– Laser Alignment

Our Most Demanded Certifications & Courses








How can we help you?

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