What is Total Lubrication Management (TLM)?

TLM is Zudak Solution’s premier service. We are a one-stop-shop for all your enterprise lubrication needs: From assisting you to set up your lubrication program to providing lubrication software management.

TLM coverage includes fluid analysis, oil sampling, personnel training, storage & handling, process sustainability, and lubrication consultancy.

Implementing a top-tier lubricant management system will have a direct impact on your profit and bottom line.

Valuable & Reliable

Often within the industry, supervisors chose lubricants solely based on their cost. Always without taking into account the energy aspects and the important effect it can have on performance.

Not having the proper lubricant maintenance system can directly waste energy and cause unnecessary expenditure and unplanned downtime.

Through advanced analysis processes and field expertise, we’ll help you set up the right lubricant management system for your enterprise.

On average, the right lubricant selection can extend any machinery’s life up to 3 and even 4 times.

Advanced Testing & Professional Assessment

Our approach will leverage hard data to choose the best lubrication management strategy and extend your assets’ operating lifespan while minimizing downtime and maintenance.

Our partner state-of-the-art lab along with our world-class lubrication engineers will integrate data analytics and field expertise to deliver lubrication solutions that make sense for your enterprise.

We Are The Right Fit

Our expertise and technical approach make us the best partner to provide lubrication solutions in any field and industry to enhance your predictive maintenance program.

We have the field expertise and data-backed knowledge of how different types of oils affect the performance of different types of machines. We are ready to put our experience to your advantage. 

Our field knowledge in machinery diagnostics and lubrication solutions enables us to assess, develop, and implement sustainable solutions. Here is a list of services we offer to support you:

– Used Oil Analysis

– Establishing Used Oil Sampling & Analysis Program Setup

– Lubricant Storage and Handling Audit/Survey

– Lubricating System Inspection

– On-Site Oil Sampling

– Lubrication Program Audit/Survey

– Lubricant Consolidation

– Personnel Training & Development

– Lubrication Management Software

– Lubrication Recommendation

How It Works

Once we start working with you, we’ll execute our proven process to streamline the solution without wasting any time.

Each service selected for execution will be reviewed with your site team to ensure it encumbers all pertinent stakeholders, deliverables, and timelines. Our approach to any project includes the following 3 basic steps:

Identification Phase

In this stage, we define the scope of work, areas, and equipment to be assessed. We’ll also gather preliminary information to compare later on.

Inspection Phase

We strongly focus on gathering the best information and data possible. Make sure it checks with the preliminary information-gathering phase.

Implementation Phase

We’ll design and present the action plan to your team. Once approved, we’ll execute it so your business can start seeing results as soon as possible.

The Outcome: Final Report

You’ll receive a fully detailed engineering report detailing the entire process along with the most important part: the results. We’ll list every single relevant detail such as identified leaks, oil replacements, and a preventive and cost-effective emergency approach that prioritizes your repairs to maximize performance.

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