How It Works

Motion Amplification is a powerful non-invasive machinery diagnostics tool that leverages the advanced video imaging software to visualize machinery issues pertaining (but not limited to) to misalignment, soft footing, and structural cracks/looseness issues. (Download Service Profile)

First, the object or machine of analysis is recorded using the Iris M video camera. Recorded footage is then processed through RDI’s patented software that scales up machinery deflection/vibration to be visible to the human eye.

The millions of pixels in the Iris M video camera become vibration sensors capable of delivering spontaneous insights. This causes root issues to be more easily identified and communicated, empowering you to make critical cost-benefit decisions with efficiency.

The Service

We’ll conduct Motion Amplification following a streamlined and simple process. Zudak Solutions is a Certified Service Provider for RDI technologies, developer Motion Amplification technology.

The Benefits

The power of motion amplification will allow you to detect vibrations and displacements that should not be happening.

This is a great way to prevent expensive machinery from unwanted wear and tear, and ultimately total failure.

Replacing or repairing major parts of a particular machine can result in an extremely high cost. Detecting these erratic movements before they can compromise the machine’s lifespan has a direct impact on your production and financials.

Our Approach

Our world-class field engineers and technicians work side-by-side with your team to integrate our approach with your enterprise operations in a seamless manner. We customize our approach to fit the needs of your operation while developing a plan that meets your target goals.

Each service selected for execution will be reviewed with your site team to ensure it encumbers all pertinent stakeholders, deliverables, and timelines. Our approach to any project includes the following 3 basic steps:

Detection Phase

In this stage, we define the scope of work, areas, and equipment to be assessed. We’ll also gather preliminary information to compare later on.

Inspection Phase

We’ll set up our Motion Amplification equipment to record the selected machines involved in the scope of work.

Results Phase

After the information is collected through our equipment, our team of expert engineers will translate it into a thorough video report which is reviewed with the customer.

Detect unwanted events before they happen

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