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Used oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge equipment health. Depending on where your program is at, Zudak works with you to develop and implement a program that makes sense for your plant, Zudak offers a variety of services including on-site sampling services, lab oil analysis, personnel training, and oil analysis audits. (Download Service Profile)

We provide you with a comprehensive report capturing equipment condition, identified issues, relevant trends, and actionable recommendations to prevent unscheduled downtime and costly repairs.

Zudak Solutions professionals are field trained to recognize the highest value opportunities to enhance your equipment condition monitoring program.

We Are The Right Fit

Our expertise and technical approach make us the best partner to conduct lubricant oil analysis in any field.

We have the field expertise and data-backed knowledge of how different types of oils affect the performance of different types of machines. We can test a wide array of parameters with a highly accurate precision:

– Viscosity – ASTM D445

– Particle Count – ISO 4406

– Water Contamination – ASTM D6304

– Spectrochemical Analysis – ASTM D5185

– Oxidation – ASTM E2412

– Acid Number – ASTM 664

– PQ Index – PQ Meter

– % Fuel Dilution – D3542 GC

– % Fuel Soot – ASTM E2412

How It Works

Once we start working with you, we’ll execute our proven process to streamline the solution without wasting any time.

Each service selected for execution will be reviewed with your site team to ensure it encumbers all pertinent stakeholders, deliverables, and timelines. Our approach to any project includes the following 3 basic steps:

Planning Phase

In this stage, we define together with your team the different machines, areas, and oils that should be tested and their respective sampling frequencies.

Testing Phase

Our experienced team will extract samples from each of the machines and analyze them in our partnered laboratories.

Results Phase

We’ll hand your team a results report and review oil analysis findings and provide actionable recommendations.

If you need an integral lubrication assessment plan, rather than a stand-alone testing solution, you can learn more about our Total Lubrication Management program.

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